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MultiSnooze...What is it?

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Are you a snooze button junkie? Do you press it again and again? If so, then your salvation is here: MultiSnooze!!! Think about seems as if you had no more than just pressed the snooze button and your alarm is going off again. You know you're going to press it again, and before you can even go back to sleep it's going off yet again. Stop the madness! With MultiSnooze you can now sleep uninterrupted for multiple snooze sessions.

Here's how it works:

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When your alarm goes off and you say to yourself "I can hit the snooze button 3 more times" now you really can. Instead of pressing the snooze button each time your alarm goes off...simply press the snooze button three times in a row. Now MultiSnooze will deliver 3 snooze sessions in a row without interruption. No more having the alarm go off every 10 or so minutes bothering your sacred sleep. now you can smile and sleep restfully as you know you won't be bothered until it is really time for you to get up!

Adjustable Snooze Period:

MultiSnooze offers an adjustable snooze period. Now you can select the amount of time that each snooze session will deliver. Choose from 1 minute to 20 minutes. It's true customization.


So you say that you rely on those interruptions to help you wake up. Some people like to wake up in phases. With our SoftWake feature now you can too. Simply enable the SoftWake feature and each time your MultiSnooze alarm enters a new snooze cycle. SoftWake will chirp for a couple of seconds, subconsciously letting you know that your actual wake up time is getting closer.

Shake To Snooze:

With our Shake to Snooze feature now you don't have to open your eyes and see the MultiSnooze Bar. Simply grab your entire cell phone or device and shake it. With each shake cycle the device will chirp alerting you that you have just added an additional snooze cycle. In the event you over shake don't worry, There is a snooze removal button that will deduct a snooze cycle for each time you press it.

Alarm Events:

Do you have recurring alarm events? With MultiSnooze that's easy. Just set up the recurring event, label it the way you want and save. Now sit back and let MultiSnooze alarm you when you need it.

Label Your Events:

With MultiSnooze you can create and store hundreds of alarm events. Maybe you want to get up at certain times or maybe you just want a reminder about picking up the kids from school or that important business meeting. It doesn't matter. Just create the event, label it and let MultiSnooze do the rest.

Wake Up To Your Favorite Music:

Let's face it getting up is hard enough. Make it as good as you can by waking up to your favorite songs. MultiSnooze gives you the ability to access your Itunes play list: Now you can wake up to your favorite songs with MultiSnooze. Simply open your Itunes function and have it running behind the MultiSnooze application and when your alarm goes off you will be waking up to your favorite hits.

Why Purchase A Snooze Alarm Clock App? Don't...unless it's MultiSnooze!!

The truth is there are literally hundreds of thousands of apps all competing for your dollar. There are games, calculators, dating apps, music apps and so on. Your phone or device is even equipped with a remedial alarm clock app. MultiSnooze allows you to have piece of mind for only $1.99.

Think about how many times you have been awakened by your clock radio or alarm clock and hit the snooze button. Now think about how many times it went off again and you struggled to muster the energy and motivation to reach out and shut it off or hit snooze again. The reality is when your alarm goes off the first time you do one of two things; You either jump up out of bed, or you hit the snooze. If you hit the snooze then you probably have already determined that you can squeak out 2,3,4 or more snoozes. That's where MultiSnooze comes in. If you determined you are going to go with the option of hitting your snooze multiple more times then MultiSnooze is your answer. Simply hit your MultiSnooze button as many times as you want snooze sessions and then roll over and relax. Now, when your alarm sounds off the next time you know it's time to spring up and get going. The uninterrupted snooze sessions will serve as a power nap and give you the extra energy and impetus to hit the ground running.

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